Tuesday, September 10, 2013

27 Dresses....

....Or 30. I just can't decide!
 I'm definitely leaning towards 30...it's a nice even number, it gives me a month's worth of dresses to wear....
Though I have taken the inspiration of 27 Dresses from 2 things:  
1) the AWESOME & delightfully wicked Rom Com of the same name. Yes, I said RomCom... and  
2) my wickedly delightful obsession with One Direction Fan Fics...
Don't judge me.
Here is one that I LOVE and is based on the movie. You can find it here: Makes Me Wonder - Short Story by the AMAZING Styles For Stiles. If you dig it, read more of them! As I said before, they are wickedly delightful!

Anyhoo, I digress....
YES! It's been like a billion years since I have been on here, but now that I really have a plan I really want to share! I mean, I've been keeping up with the sewing, but it's been pretty much regulated to pillows, duvet covers & 1D change purses....I will fill you in later with that...and yes, it is what it sounds like. LOL
It was getting pretty repetitive, and I was feeling ant-sy....like I just needed something more. I'd been thinking about making dresses for a while but just wasn't finding a) a pattern that I loved , and b) a pattern that I could follow. I have been feeling pretty confident about my skills, but for some reason trying to tackle a pattern all by my lonesome was proving to be a bit more of a challenge for me. I have so many ideas in my head for dresses, and as much as I love my store bought beauties, I really just wanted to find the perfect pattern!

Sew a few weeks ago I was roaming around some of my favorite sewing blogs, and noticed that the rad fabric store Spool Of Thread had some new sewing classes up and running. And there it was. The EXACT dress I have been looking for, AND they were offering a class for it! YAY! Happy Birthday to me!
The dress in question: The Staple Dress by April Rhodes. And people, this dress is THE BEST!

I took my 2 evening class and was super stoked with the results! Here is my version:
Guys, I LOVE LOVE LOVE this dress pattern! It is EXACTLY what I have been looking for....An easy, breezy style that can be made longer, shorter, with different necklines, different sleeves...what have you! So therein lies my inspiration! A great dress, a fabric stash that needs to be utilized, and a 3 month plan. I am going to tackle the 30 dress....yes, since starting the blog entry I have decided it has to be 30....challenge. I will make 30 of the April Rhodes Staple Dress in varying styles by the end of December. I'm SUPER excited about having a bunch of comfortable, get up and go dresses for work & play. And I will document all my dresses right here! I hope you enjoy coming along for the ride!


Monday, June 6, 2011

Baby Blankets for Baron Von Baby

I know, it's been FOREVER since I posted last. In fact, it has been a while since I was last on the sewing machine. It's a long story of a poor fractured rib that you don't want to hear about.......anyhoo, let's get into the now! The Canucks are up 2-0 against the Bruins in the Stanley Cup Playoffs, I've been sewing again and looking for many a new project to work on, I'm a co-creator of another super-fun blog MANCOUVER (click on it to see) and it looks as though Summer may FINALLY be here! (fingers remain crossed)
Things are looking pretty good!
Sew, I thought I would get down to business an post some super cute baby burp cloths I made for my GF Shimmer and her bundle of joy, Baron Von Baby. (Just a cute little name we came up with for her Gigantor baby) I did make these a while ago, but thought I would share them anyways. They are super easy to make, super cute as a finished product, and from what I hear wash up great! I found the pattern here on Sew She Sew's blog and just LOVED the result, sew thanks Jamie for the post!

Now for the long awaited burp cloths and a few of their friends:

Sew, that's it for now. Off I go to try and make my first dress! Using a great pattern I found on the Burda website and some super cute leopard print jersey material. Should be fun!

See ya soon!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Go SK8 or Go Home!

That's right. I said it.
Back in the day, I fancied myself a bit of a Betty (a skate Betty......not to be confused with:

Betty Rubble

or Betty Cooper

who, BTW are both totally awesome. I sew preferred Betty over Veronica, but I digress.......

Back to being a Betty.......I managed to hold on to the memories, but the hubby still holds on to the style. I seem to think he will be a skater deep down for life, and that's all good with me ;)
With the skate style comes the beloved Skull Skates hoodie from the legendary skater store here in Vancouver PD's Hot Shop.
Sew, I thought I would give something a go with my new sewing skills........

I took the beaten and battered pullover hoodie that the hubby probably had for over a decade, and turned it into a mini-hoodie for the boy Henry! Don't worry, we bought husband a new one before I started ripping the old one apart.......for those of you who are not familiar with the Skull Skates hoodie, here is an example:

And here is the final product revamped for the boy:

What do ya think?

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

It's a New Year......

.....Sew, that means I need me a new duvet cover! I know, I know it's still winter, (I know this because it snowed somethin' fierce here on the best coast last night! Well...... fierce for Vancouver) but I am looking ahead to sunnier days and the Springtime! Now that the scary basement is looking more sewing room-y, it's time to work out the Spring sewing projects! I have a few things in mind, but they will need a few more classes first at the wonderful Spool of Thread. Until then, I will trudge along making more things that I already know how to make, and try and teach myself some new things!
One of those the things I want to make as mentioned is a new duvet cover......and here friends is the FANTASTIC material I picked up on eBay from a great seller's store Undercover Quilts:

Isn't the fabric sew pretty? VERY Springtime! Can't wait to get cracking, and as usual I will be sure to show off the final product. Until next time!.....

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Happy Holidays to all!

I swear, every year the Holiday season seems to go by faster and faster!......probably went by sew fast this year due to the fact that I spent every spare moment I had this past December banging out a bunch of aprons, pot holders and super pretty pillow cases for my family. I have been so proud of the new sewing skills, I just had to share my enthusiasm with pretty much the whole family! Here are some of the aprons I whipped out.......
YAY! All turned out great! Couldn't post when I was making them in case one of the gift receivers saw what I was making......had to keep the presents a secret!
I will be sure to post the pretty pillowcases ASAP!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Sugar & Spice and everything nice......

Sew, Christmas is coming....Santa's on his way!
I have done it guys! I have made some aprons ALL BY MY LONESOME! Thanks to the awesomely cute pattern that I found here: Bari J. - Simple Apron Tutorial
Taking my newly learned sewing skills from the amazing Lili at Spool of Thread, I have created these FAB aprons for my sister and I:

So cute right!
We will be doing a TONNE of Christmas baking so I thought how perfect for the upcoming delicious treat making days!

Here is another close up of the pocket:
Just whipped together from some extra material I had laying around..............................
Anyways, SUPER excited to make some more for Christmas gifts. Pot holders are coming next! (I hope) :)
Off to make more cute things!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Duvet & matching pillow cases complete!

That's it, that's all kids! The FANTASTIC Woodland friends Duvet & matching pillowcases are finally complete! Thanks to the fabulous Lili & Henry once again at Spool of Thread! (My new obsession) And here she is:

Just awesome! I was so stoked to get this bad boy on the bed! It was pretty easy process actually, and I see many more of these amazing duvet covers and pillows to come in my sewing future. Next time I go through the process I will post it as I go along so you can get the idea. Here are couple more close ups of the pillow case:

Just LOVING my striped contrast material!

And as usual, my trusty boy Henry was around to help with photos. As you can see, he's a bit sleepy!
Such a little pooper!

Well, until the next project! I have a few duvet requests, but I have some gift making first! Aprons anyone?
Sew on!