Sunday, January 23, 2011

Go SK8 or Go Home!

That's right. I said it.
Back in the day, I fancied myself a bit of a Betty (a skate Betty......not to be confused with:

Betty Rubble

or Betty Cooper

who, BTW are both totally awesome. I sew preferred Betty over Veronica, but I digress.......

Back to being a Betty.......I managed to hold on to the memories, but the hubby still holds on to the style. I seem to think he will be a skater deep down for life, and that's all good with me ;)
With the skate style comes the beloved Skull Skates hoodie from the legendary skater store here in Vancouver PD's Hot Shop.
Sew, I thought I would give something a go with my new sewing skills........

I took the beaten and battered pullover hoodie that the hubby probably had for over a decade, and turned it into a mini-hoodie for the boy Henry! Don't worry, we bought husband a new one before I started ripping the old one apart.......for those of you who are not familiar with the Skull Skates hoodie, here is an example:

And here is the final product revamped for the boy:

What do ya think?


  1. Sew rad! Haha. You're rubbing off on me. It looks great! Henry looks so proud ;)

  2. Very cute dog, nice dress for him too.
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