Sunday, October 24, 2010

Spool of Thread: My Inspiration.......

So, here's the culprit of my new sewing obsession:

This new sewing lounge in Vancouver is AWESOME! I've been having the best time gettin' down to my sewing business during a couple of the à la carte classes the amazing owners Lili & Henry offer up. Check out their site and get inspired yo! Who knew sewing could be so rad!

Here is one of the super cute items I have made so far:
Cute for my first bag!

LOVE the birds and trees.....

What's this? Reversible? Indeed!

Thanks Spool of Thread! Can't wait to make that Duvet Cover!!! What kind of material should I use for my new cover I wonder? Sewwwwwwwwwww many COOL ones to choose from and sew little time!

Friday, October 22, 2010

And Sew it is....

It's official, I have started sewing and I thought I would share my journey along the way. I hope to share crafty fun and beautiful things with anyone who cares to share right along with me! The start of my sewing journey has been way better than I even hoped! Sew...(ha ha. I know, I know....still gonna do it though!) is! The journey has officially begun and I will start my posts with a pic of my soon to be new sewing room. Right now, it's just a creepy basement, but soon it will be a cozy little area for me and my boy Henry to make AWESOME creations!
The Before Mess.....

Some new notions!

Look at some of these great materials I picked up!



And of course my boy Henry helping being so cute of course!